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Panorama has been tested in the following:
Status Version Architecture OS Compiler Notes
PARTIAL 0.19 AMD Athlon XP-2000+ Linux 2.4.X GNU C++ 2.95 256MB RAM
Some objects do not yet work. Lots of debug output. BUGS.
WORKS 0.18 AMD K6-3 500 Linux Mandrake 8.0 (2.4.3) GNU C++ 2.96 It was reported that the experimental plugins do not work correctly.
WORKS 0.18 AMD Athlon XP-2000+ Linux 2.4.X GNU C++ 2.95 256MB RAM
BROKEN 0.18 AMD Athlon XP-2000+ BeOS 5 GNU C++ (version?) 256MB RAM
Fails to compile. More research into this is needed.
WORKS 0.18 AMD Athlon XP-2000+ Windows 2000 MSVC++ 6.0 256MB RAM
No GUI available.
WORKS 0.18 Intel Celeron-500 Linux 2.4.X GNU C++ 2.95.3 192MB Ram
WORKS 0.18 Intel Celeron-500 Windows 2000 MSVC++ 6.0 192MB RAM
WORKS 0.14 Intel P-90 Linux 2.2.X GNU C++ 2.8.1 52MB RAM
WORKS 0.13.2 Intel P-133 Linux 2.1.X GNU C++ 2.8.1 32MB RAM
WORKS 0.13.2 Intel Dual P-150 Linux-2.1.X GNU C++ 2.8.1 64MB RAM
WORKS 0.13.2 Intel P-133 Linux-2.0.34 egcs 1.0 32MB RAM
WORKS 0.13.2 SGI Origin 2000 Irix 6.4 GNU C++ 2.8.1 4GB RAM

The GUI that used to be available separately, was integrated starting at version 0.18 (actually a few years earlier, in CVS). It is GTK-- based, and has only been shown to work (as of 14Feb2003) on Linux. It does not include a modeller, and has many bugs of its own.
If you wish to try it, 'panorama' is the name of the executable that is produced. Be forewarned, however, that only one scene may be loaded per execution, and modifying of scene variables may lead to segmentation faults (slightly improved in v0.19).


 System compatibility:

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