NOTE: There are artifacts in some of these images, due to the conversion to JPEG format.
NOTE 2: Some images have been replaced with their antialiased versions (those with source available).

These are some images that have been created with Panorama during its development:
Blurred image
This shows Panorama's ability to perform focal blur (using a thin-lens camera).
You can get the source here.
Area light scene
This shows Panorama's ability to have any object act as a light source.
You can get the source here.
Bump mapped planes
These are 2 planes. One with a checkerboard texture and another one showing how bump mapping affects transparency.
You can get the source here.
Cornell Box
This is the well known Cornell Box. It is used mainly for global illumination tests, but, here it is anyway. Walls are diffuse, so they produce no reflections.
You can get the source here.
Plastic Cornell Box
This is the same Cornell Box, this time with plastic walls (reflective).
You can get the source here.
This is a "projector" light, projecting a bitmap over the walls.
You can get the source here.
Projector with cartoon filter
This is the same as previous scene, with a cartoon image filter applied after rendering.
You can get the source here.
Textured earth with stars
This is a little demo of atmospheric lights. It was also a test of a texture mapped onto a sphere (with some problems, as you can see). Anyway, one can always learn from these errors...
Fake caustic
This image shows the fake caustics effect (idea taken from POV-Ray). Notice also the nice effects of light absorption in shadow edges. We are now working on a way to get real caustics effects.
Halo lights
This is another test of halo (atmospheric) lights. It's simple, but gives a nice effect.
Materials This image shows some different materials. From left to right: lambertian, plastic, crystal, mirror, and noise (Perlin noise).
You can get the source here.
Clay metaballs
This is a kind of "clay monster" created by a adding lot of random metaballs. Metaballs aren't included in the distribution either, but, as you can see, they are close to being finished.
Crystal metaballs
This is a similar monster, this time with a crystal material. Notice the shades of shadow, due to absorption of light through this object.
Painted crystal ball
This is an example of a noise used to apply a procedural texture to an object.
Saratoga with fog filter This is a simple triangle mesh (generated using 3ds2pov and a little manual work). After rendering, fog image filter has been applied.
Worley cellular texture basis function
This is a simple test of the new texture function. It is based on the paper "A cellular texture basis function" by Steven Worley (Proceedings of Siggraph 1996).
You can get the source here.
Atmospheric simulation
This is an example of the new atmospheric simulation. A simple point light with a cone threshold. The sphere casts a volumetric shadow.
You can get the source here.

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