Materials Panorama Saratoga with fog filter
Everything you ever wanted to know about Panorama, and never dared to ask:
What is Panorama? Panorama is a framework for 3D graphics production. It is part of the GNU project. You can get more information in the README file.
Who did it? Originally by Angel Jimenez Jimenez and Carlos Jimenez Moreno, with contributions from many others.
It is currently maintained by Kevin Harris.
What can it do? Take a look at some sample images at the gallery.
Can I distribute it? Yes. Panorama has been put under GPL license.
Can I help? If you have any interest in doing so, we can surely use your help. Much of the documentation has yet to be written. Many bugs may exist. Tons of algorithms have yet to be implemented.
If you are a programmer, check out the developers page.
Where can I get it? You can take a look out the compatibility page to check compatibility before download, or just follow this link to download it.
Latest version is 0.18.01.
For the latest additions, get the current version from CVS, or get the development branch (panorama_0_19).
What plans do you have for the future? We just want to make this the best environment for modeling, rendering and animation. More info about what we are doing now in the development page.
Is there any mailing list? We have a number of email lists, however their direct use is now discouraged, due to all too frequent spamming. Please use the sourceforge-provided forums for general discussion, the bug tracking/sumbission page, the support request page, or the feature request page instead.
Whoah! What is this terminology you are using? You can find our glossary in the doc/GLOSSARY.html file.
Hopefully, we can keep this updated.


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